Friday, January 9, 2009

Designing Designations

As part of the recruiting exercise I have to visit lot of job portals and job sites to find prospective candidates. The entire process becomes very interesting with every resume being different, there are few designations which are really worth catching attention on the professional networking sites. This shows how glorified certain professions have become lately or have been glorified by the HR professionals to lure candidates and also to motivate and retain employees within companies. Now with the cost cutting times, I am sure it’s going to get more creative. Certain roles and designations will be really innovated by the HR guys. In the IT industry it is a well know excercise to make simple things, very fancy. 

 There are few of these designations which were pretty interesting which I have  listed below. The list is endless. As the health & wellness industry, retail industry  is growing, all the unconventional professions are now being given glorified names. It won’t be surprising in the coming decade if  we would find designations like Lead – Ayurveda, Program Manager – Yoga & Ayurveda, Operations Manager – Diet,  VP – Wellness, Marketing Heart (instead of head in this case) – Spirituality. Considering India has  innumerable forms of alternative healing sciences and therapies there is lot of potential for lot of fancy designations in future to lure the job seekers and encourage to take up jobs in the wellness industry.  These professions need to be encouraged more with the youth instead of pursuing a stereotype career like a software engineer or a doctor.


  • Chief Generosity Officer 
  • Chief Enlightenment Officer
  • Wellness Life Coach
  • Fitness Manager
  • Massage Manager
  • Health Educator
  • Chief Innovation Architect
  • Associate – Business Excellence
  • Strategic Planner  
  • Employee Motivation Expert
  • Vice President – Traffic
  •  Change Manager
  • Chief wellness manager
  • Wellness manager
  • Health Coach

However, at the end of the day no matter whatever designations are given to employees eventually they must feel that they are contributing meaningfully  to their work or else it’s just in the papers. For some employees, these designations are just a false sense of pride which is attached to their visiting cards till such time they are working with a company. The designations must also match the quality of work, money and power which is offered to an employee. You can have 3 years experience and still be given a designation of VP – Customer Service not doing meaningful work. The most recent one which really amused me was ‘’ Creative Innovator’’. I still can’t figure out what the job description would be. Will get back to you if I find some fancy and innovating designations. Till then please post your comment.


  1. The pictures are really good!!

  2. I fully agree with what you have said about the fancy designations. Sometimes just giving a high-fi title does not equate to meaningful work. :)