Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Health is in your Hands

Thanks to the fast paced life and monotonous human life, the alternative healing therapies have got their market share. Every urban city street in India boasts of a Ayurveda clinic, health spa, yoga class or some alternative healing clinic. Employees in my office feel it’s fashionable to have lunch late to prove that they have loads of work, some of them are hooked to their mobile phones throughout the day, they find this happening!! But what they fail to realize is the punishment that they are giving their own body and mind. Eventually the bodily distress and mind problems appear (body mind complex) . Therefore, I feel if you want good health, good living and a good life YOU are responsible for it. God can help only those who help themselves. Only You can help yourself from this state because Your health is in your hands.

Good living, healthy food habits etc is a culture. It is a habit which has to be mastered continuously. Regular meditation and pranayam is also a culture that you build into your daily routine. But with materialistic desires and fast life, we are unable to juggle with the spiritual and material. There are many alternative healing services available in the health & wellness market today. So here again the intelligent consumer has to choose what he wants and  make wise choices . The purpose of all these products is to uplift your spirit. But do not get entangled in the long spiritual shopping list and alternative healing supermarket. In order to progress in this path also, there is a commitment required from the seeker. There is so much reading material available on the internet today for alternative therapies that anyone can get confused and misled. For instance, the practice of reiki has now taken forms like animal reiki, plant reiki, karuna reiki, crystal reiki, chakra reiki so on and so forth. However, reiki is just plain and simple reiki – its connecting to the universal life force energy which is called as prana in Sanskrit and chi in Chinese.


 The world is waking up to the immense benefits and relief these practices have to offer. However, it is very essential  to adopt practices like yoga, pranayama and meditation in our everyday lives just like we brush our teeth, take bath, eat, sleep and drink. They have their own benefits which we can experience in our overall wellbeing. Having  undergone self development programs , lectures, workshops over the last few years and read some of the best seller books  in spirituality, I think  they all have the same lessons to teach, it’s just that their formats are different. Their primary purpose is to offer the path of enlightenment, happiness and relief from any pain and suffering.  Following are few techniques which I have experienced and incorporated in my daily life.


Reiki – is  a healing technique given by Mikao Usui where the life force energy is channelized through the palms. The energy can also be channelized through distant healing by certain symbols. The reiki attunements are given by a reiki master to the healer .The healer has to abide by the reiki principles given by Usui.

Some of the Reiki principles are

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not anger

Just for today I will live with the attitude of gratitude

Just for today I will work honestly

Just for today I will respect and honour my parents, teachers & elders


These were the 5 reiki principles which Mikao Usui gave it to the practitioners of reiki. If you read all these principles carefully, it mentions ‘Just for today’, ‘’Just for today’’ which emphasizes on the need to live in the moment and make the most of the present. Worry is mainly of the future and anger is of the past. Most of us vacillate between these two states. These teachings are timeless wisdom.

Recently I was also reading a book by Devendra Vohra about Health in your Hands. The book has two volumes and explains the human body and its function just like a machine. For any imbalance or disorder the book also addresses the cause and effect. By pressing some pressure points in our palms and foot we can get relieved of our stresses and strains. This has to be done regularly, but the results are phenomenal for all problems. Most of the complex problems in our lives just have simple solutions. I just press the pressure points on my finger tips to get myself relieved of cold and headaches. Within a few hours or minutes it just vanishes away.

Most of our ancestors incorporated all these techniques unknowingly in their daily lives and that is their secret to a happy and long life. They have followed the disciplined exercise regimen, healthy eating habits and not to forget the ayurvedic massages. 


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