Sunday, April 26, 2009


In school, we had this craft session where the arts teacher asked us to carry all the scrap items, newspapers, color papers. The first instruction would be to tear them into pieces. Unlike every session where the teacher used to dictate and we had to write or copy notes this was indeed a very unique experience. First tear all the newspapers and colored papers in bits and pieces and then stick them into your drawing book. Arts teacher ensured that everyone tore papers and stuck them into the drawing book and created some design.
In the past, there were some family photos which used to be professionally collaged in a photo studio but now Google allows you to collage your photos too. Here is mine. My hubby has done a collage of some of our trips - Mysore, Wayanad and Guruji ofcourse. Will try my collage with fruits, vegetables and cookery soon.

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