Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indigo - Green

I was doing my regular cooking this morning. Since last week was Vishu and we had picked up a whole lot of vegetables and fruits from the market, I was experimenting with differnt combination of sabjis. Here comes the violet cabbage and capsicum combination. I was just chopping them and it striked me to take a picture of the violet and green contrast. Just beginning to photograph vegetables!! Will soon start with fruits too. God has created all this contrast for us to just enjoy them, rejoice their colours. Simply perfect isnt it? With the five color diet given loads of importance these days in food, I am trying to get vegetables in five different colors in the market. Lime, carrot and tomatoes were my other picks from the market the other day for some quick salad. Lime - yellow, Carrot - Orange, tomato - red, capsicum - green, cabbage - Indigo - violet!!
Green is the color which symbolises growth and vitality
Indigo is said to be the color of spiritual growth, self mastery , self attainment and the balance of power and love

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