Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vishu Kani

                                                     Vishu Kani at Home - April 2009 
Its was a long weekend (Good Friday)  and my in laws also turned up from Kerala and this time they celebrated Vishu with us in Bangalore. As every year, the hunt for Kani poo begins early for Vishu in my moms place. It is suppose to be auspicious to see this flower for  Vishu, whole lot of fruits, vegetables and ornaments on this occassion. All the items are arranged in the pooja alter with good decoration as it is believed to bring lot of good luck to be seeing this on the first day of the new year. Most of them wear new clothes on this day and the food preparations are also grand ranging from avials to pappadams, and mambazha pachadi ofcourse!!

One more feature on this day is the kaineethams which one gets from the elders in the family. In childhood, I look forwarded to this day as my pocket money increased three fold. All the thatas - pattis, periappas- periammas in the family had a strong purse to distribute the kaineethams. Actually, the message of this festival is to live life happily and in a state of abundance. God has given us the most beautiful things to enjoy and rejoice and yet most of the time we are cribbing and complaining over petty issues. Flow with life and take life as it comes!!

I could also take gurujis blessing at the ashram this time. Also posting a picture of Indrani and Maheshwaran from the ashram. They are the elephants at the ashram. Indrani is so cute.  They have just had a meeting with guruji and are coming back from Ganga.

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  1. Hello Janaki - Wish you a belated Vishu, and a great year ahead!