Wednesday, October 7, 2009


"Asangoham, asangoham, asangoham punah punah:
Satchidananda roopoham, ahamevahamvyayah:
Nitya shudda vimuktoham, nirvikarohm avyayah:
Bhoomandandaswaroopoham, ahamevahamavyayah:
Nityoyam niravadyoyam nirakarohamachyatha:
Paramananda swaroopoham, ahamevahamvyayah:
Anatar jyoti bahir jyoti, pratyak jyoti paratparah:
Jyoti jyoti ahamswayam jyoti, atma jyoti shivosmyham"

"Unattached, unattached, unattached, am I (to the body, mind, intellect,
I alone and changeless exist in the form of consciousness and bliss.

I am ever pure and free, without change of form and nature.
I am ever full- I alone exist changeless.
I am eternal and without boundaries, immutable and unshakable,
I alone exist I changeless in the form of consciousness and bliss.
Effulgence am I both inside and outside,
The light which is apparent as well as transcendent.
Light of all lights, self effulgent, the light of the atman,
Filled with auspiciousness am I"


  1. Hey Janaki

    Just came across your blog .. explain more about Asangoham! .. it is something one recites during yoga ..? One of my friend is very much in Yoga so I would love to give this to her :)

  2. asangoham means detachment. If you have been for the art of living part 2 course, you will get to know the meaning with the various meditation processes.

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  4. manobuddhyahaṃkāra cittāni nāhaṃ
    na ca śrotrajihve na ca ghrāṇanetre
    na ca vioma bhūmir na tejo na vāyuḥ
    cidānandarūpaḥ śivo'ham śivo'ham