Saturday, November 24, 2012


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Singapore - Pictures taken in April 2010 on Visit to Singapore

"Buddha was born at a very interesting time in India’s history, at a time when India was prosperous and had reached its height in philosophical thinking. In a highly intellectual society, people think they know it all, but in fact, they have not known at all. This was the case in India. So Buddha said, “Come, I have a simple technique for you. Keep your concepts to yourself, but just come and sit.
” Then Buddha gave them four steps.
They are:

1 : Observe the body (Kayaanu Paschana)

2 : Observe the sensations (Vedananu Paschana)

3 : Observe the flow of mind (Chittanu Paschana)

4 : Observe your true nature (Dhammanu Paschana)

So, Buddha spoke and taught for years. Thousands would sit still, observe and meditate and become free. Buddha would not indulge in any philosophic discussion."- Sri Sri 

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