Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bells of Heaven


As the time nears to break the distances
And join the drifting times for the start
A special day has been chosen by god
For that day onwards we shall never part.
Holding not only our hands forever,
But our hearts and hopes in all union
Let the love build our home as ever
On the soils of emotion around which we hover.
Let the vows announced, make it known
That man and wife be the title to own
Let the world know the strength of this ship
That shall sail in the stormiest oceans and live.
Let the whole world witness, that this victory
Is of the eternal love, only a few ones so lucky,
Let the intensity nurture on this very day
And last forever, till the last breath shall stay.
We shall set forth on this timeless journey
And witness the gods decorate the sky
For you and I have the wings to fly
Into our hearts, where we shall reside…


J.Vasanth Kumar
(A poem presented to us by our friend Vasanth on the most special day of our life)

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