Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning Raga - Raga of people, Raga of traffic

The raga of traffic, the raga of hurry, the raga of worry, the tunes of the horn, the car, the vehicles trying hard to sync with the raga and tunes of the signals and the policeman. I was travelling in the Volvo bus to my office. After all, I got to get more eco friendly and compromise on my travel to office just because there are hundred and thousand others who make a choice to drive their own cars or bikes to work. Though carpool is being advertised and enough campaigns are run on television to promote it and loads of hoardings in the city, there seems to be no one solution to the increasing traffic woes in the city. A couple of my ecofriendly pals who work close by walk it up to office and a few others who are in the Green Movement choose to cycle to office and the most cordial ones keep up with the carpool or doubles in the bike.

As I travel in the Volvo, the bus is quite transparent and one can see enough hoardings and the vehicles all around. All the drivers getting quite fury, busy getting impatient to wade through the traffic to reach their respective destinations and a few bus drivers who have accepted this situation on a daily basis and read the news papers during traffic or play the radio in the bus. The passengers are also fun to watch a few of them perennially busy with the IPod listening to favorite music and some to the local radio station listening to the Vee-jay’s gibberish. The bus conductors have a busy time trying to understand where these ear plugged junta wish to travel to issue them the tickets. Sometimes the conductor has to request for the ear plugs to be off for some time. Some women as soon as they board the bus are eagerly waiting for a seat so that they can use the time to dose off after domestic chores and getting ready to run with the office work. The few highly intellectually and career oriented ones are the guys who take conference calls in the Volvo and a few geeks have already started writing codes. In some specific routes through the city there are chances that you may find that techies have started coding on the way to work also. I just pray if the bus breaksdown or gets stuck in the traffic, the software is not bugged. There is a new category which is emerging in the morning raga which is of people trying to find some peace and get in touch with their self on the way to work, they try to meditate in between all this traffic sounds, horns and are trying their level
best not to complain and crib. I think these are the most intelligent guys who use their unproductive time on their way to work very wisely. They have already started preparing their raga for the next life, not leaving one minute. I will not forget to tell about the newspaper category who just roll the newspaper to the passenger sitting next to them to read thick and thin of the gossip on page 3, a few men busy with the national, business and sports page.

Some of the hoardings for a newly launched newspaper reads ‘’Bangalore’s roads are capable of rain water harvesting’’. I think very soon they should also release an ad saying ‘’Bangalore’s footpath’s are capable of wading through traffic’’. The road which I take to office is so busy that the two wheelers often pass through the footpath leaving no space for pedestrians to walk. In a few busy roads there is Zero tolerance for the footpath also where the policemen encourages two wheelers on the footpaths to divert the traffic soon. So what about the eco friendly people who choose to walk it up to work or senior citizens who want to visit the nearby market for their groceries. A few of them who need to take connecting buses to different locations, get down from the bus and walk it up till the next bus stand. Luckily there is no mall which comes on the way to my office. Otherwise it would have given a good rhythm to my morning raga and loads of others.

This Raga continues as I travel to my office as a ecofriendly person taking the public transport. Taking the public transport is lot more fun and if your keen on observation there is loads of entertaining ragas on the way. So please, go green, enjoy and mast majja maadi. As life is too short to keep cribbing and complaining about traffic on the way to work. Be intelligent like the ones on the Ipod, newspaper, meditation, conference calls and code writers.

The evening raga will be there soon. So keep watching for more on the Indian Ticket.

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