Monday, September 22, 2008

The Times of Wellness

‘’The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease’’.- Thomas Alva Edison

The Times of Wellness

Revolution!! Revolution!!! Revolution

This revolution of a different kind. I switch on the television channel and I watch a show called as SWEAT which teaches yoga postures, stretches and asanas. A little later I switch to another channel and there is a program called AAHAR. This one is to teach to eat the right foods at the right times and at the right quantities. Its no different than what my grandmother taught me years ago when I was small. She never skipped her breakfast, had lunch on time and the dinner time wouldn’t exceed beyond 7.30 pm or maximum 8.00 p.m. Of course, the hot milk before going to bed would never be skipped. In this time and age where people are busy making money and shaping up their careers, they are forgetting to shape their health and wellness of the present and the future. No wonder medical science is going forward but the healthy life expectancy of people though rising is not in a healthy manner. Life expectancy is more but with a whole lot of physical, mental, emotional worries.

I was talking to one of my friends over the weekend who has been in the business of health & wellness for the last 8 years. He is doing well for himself by marketing some good health food supplements to people around him, giving customer testimonies of wellness by consumption of his product. No doubt his product is the best. Initially when he started off, most of them ridiculed him for his profession, but today he is the king of his field in terms of product knowledge, alternative medicine and alternative healing therapies. The best part is he made himself aware of his health in the entire process and continues to give his testimony of using the product to others. Through word of mouth, he is a king of the product he once consumed

Who is to blame for this revolution ?? Is it the people who are careless about their health & wellbeing ,changing lifestyles, is it the media, is it the doctors, is it the marketers?? But the fact remains that it’s the individual himself who is more of less responsible for his state of well being. Most youngsters these days enroll themselves into the gym either to look good, to burn calories, or under peer pressure. Most of them are unable to even keep up their commitment for their weight reduction or weight management programs. Health – wellness requires a disciplined commitment from every person. It doesn’t come overnight and one has to burn the midnight oil to burn those extra calories or to gain that extra weight. Or else it’s just a big ZERO, not a SIZE Zero.

This revolution is giving a super money spin to all the ayurveda doctors, wellness consultants, spiritual gurus of the modern times. Not to forget the branded apparel clothing endorsed in the process for yoga and the gadgets required for yoga etc. The rate at which the product endorsements are going in this sector in phenomenal with yoga mats, yoga jewellery, spiritual pendant, God pendants, mantra cassettes, copper vessels for water, ayurveda supplements . Very soon we might even have YOGA MINERAL WATER . With more than a crore of deities in the Hindu scriptures, the market is really huge to market any product in this segment. So all those who wish to cash in, please do so at the earliest because the boom has just begun.

But we all forget that a few of these wellness consultants and fitness trainers were very much in our homes and they neither charged us huge consultation fees for their services. They practiced all this in their life and lived it fully. No wonder most of our grandparents lived a healthy and happy lifestyle. It’s just that we never wanted to listen to them, we never gave a patient hearing to what they said because they didn’t have relevant degrees, branded clothing and the right ambience to promote. Now the same programs run on television with a different format with beautiful models wearing branded clothes with well decorated rooms and lighting. All of us watch it and say Wow !! What a wonderful program?? Yes many of us watch it, but yet are still not exercising, not doing. Doing is what matters than just watching and commenting.

That’s where I quote a global guru ‘’Broaden your vision, deepen your roots’’. He is one of my icons and my close spiritual consultant. That’s a Secret. If you want to know please get in touch with your feedback.


  1. Very true in view of the present lifestyle.

  2. very thoughtful and brutally real description of what we have been indulging in off late given the current pressures of life...we all are victims of certain corporate circumstances and commercialization to the core...we have to break free or we will end up in times where we will even need to consult for our health and well being from the time we wake up to the time we sleep...

  3. Very true...people seem to be leading lives without any discipline...every new day brings along a different routine...people do succumb to peer pressure and advertisements which promise instant solutions to all health ailments....But all those falling to peer pressure or such advertisements at least do realise they need to bring some change in their lives and do something about their health....the silent majority lives on with their routine, waiting for the day when there are visible signs of problems....most of us belong there and are the most vulnerable....

  4. Wellness Age is up. Organic Vegetables, fruits and grains sway up to us, sure to keep one energetic, vibrant, delay ageing and above all prevent illness. The noted american economist Paul Zane Pilsner has envisaged this Wellness Age which is set to encompass us soon and is it a good bye to Sickness, doctors, drugs and treatments- who are the core of the Sickness Industry- perhaps time will tell!