Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Dear Saint

From prose to poetry. It was effortless and I am still wondering how. I dedicate this poem to all the masters, saints and the lovely angels who are with us all the time. It’s just that we don’t realize. I became a poet for now.

My Dear Saint

Oh My dear Saint, Oh! My dear Saint
Welcome to my life and Paint ,
Gazing at you I faint,
Because I want to gain,
I am for sure in pain.

Flowing in my life is grace,
Looking at the glow in my face,
You are running fast in pace,
Devotees bowing down to you in race

Bowing down to you oh! my divine,
Praying that you are in the heart of mine,
Want to take tuition from your intuition,
No mention of your passion and dispassion.

You say Love moves the world,
But you move the world around me,
Sutras of love, peace, harmony and tranquility,
You are the epitome of humility and the guru of spirituality.

You are Krishna, You are Buddha
You are Jesus, You are my Allah
You are in my heart
I can never keep you apart.
Oh! My dear Saint, Oh! My dear Saint.,
Welcome to my life and paint!
As your love for me and many will never go in vain
- Janaki Gopikrishna
- Just Janaki & Krishna


  1. Wow!! That's good yaar...If your first poem has come out so will grow into a great...kavi...savi...if write more..

  2. very nicely written...lot of childish innocence which is rare to see - also a lot of rhyming words....sometimes might sound deliberate....but poetry is acc to me....abt flow...gud going...seems like a gud beginning...