Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Life Now and Then

Most of us are so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t care for our loved ones and listen to them. We are so much in our world that most of us don’t even want to understand and care for an another person’s feelings. My poem is dedicated to the hearts of all the human beings to understand their friends, relatives, wives and children. There is nothing more valuable in life than the small moments of happiness spent with loved ones.

My Life then and now

My heart is paining,
No one understands feelings,
Many days I was grieving,
No one to offer healing.

The bug that bit me called as loneliness,
How much to follow cleanliness?
How long can I cook?
How much to read the book?
From the balcony how long can I look?

No Love, No care, No Share,
Like machines I don’t wear and tear.
Because love is blind,
I lost my mind.

I came with a ray of hope,
But now everyday in despair.
Humans don’t understand feelings,
No wonder still I need healing.

Love, I thought was unconditional
But people so selfish and unemotional,
Time for love is time for career,
But for Cupid no one is

The next generation will suffer,
As humans have no time, no love in buffer,
Also men and women are big duffers,,
Wish I was with Jesus during last supper.

- Janaki Gopikrishna


  1. voice and woes of a lost soul thats been bound in the chains of marriage... the failing philosophy of getting married is quite evident...must have a purpose in life and a sense of important to stay sane in the mad world... something to look forward in life...something positive in each image you see...

  2. Very true..people these days love gadgets more than anything else..Time at home means time with TV, Mobile n..Laptop.Hahaha we all have to really think hard..when did we last spend great time with our loved ones..without any interruption of the most loved gadgets..I really wanna tell all those who dont express..their feelings..Pls do express your love to your dear ones..they will not know unless you tell them...Make them feel you that they are special in your life...