Thursday, October 2, 2008

Art Of Giving

What is giving? We all give, but how do we give? What do we give? When do we give? How we give? Several questions arise!!
Giving is an art which opens up an individual and helps blossom his ‘self’. There is a sudden enthusiasm in the spirit once we start giving. Most of us are so busy taking things that we don’t have the time to think about giving. But more than taking, its giving which will make a person more wealthy. Most of the Indian festivals have this tradition of giving gifts in cash and kind. Over a period of time, in some families and traditions it has become like a formality. So people have got very formal in their approach to gifting. These are generally the thought processes which run in an average mind when it comes to giving.
“ He/ She gives me so I also have to gift her’’.
‘’ He/ She always gifts me something precious so this time I have to give her something more rich and expensive’’.
‘’ How will I gift him/her when she doesn’t value it’’?
‘’What he/she will think if I gift him this’’?

When you give, next time just observe your feelings and emotions. Why are you giving? Giving has to come from the heart in order to free you and lift your spirit. There are times when I have experienced this just by offering some fresh food to my servant. To my surprise, she was so motivated and started doing two extra tasks for me at home without me saying anything. Most often people just give left over’s to these people or things which they don’t want.
At times, it’s good to let go and give something which is very close to you also, so that you don’t get attached to it. Most of us just stock , pile so many things and end up using nothing. Recently I read a book which said, something that we have not used for six months in our life, we will never use it again. So its good to declutter our homes, workspace etc by giving good stuff also to people around who are in need.

Recently, I had been for a visit to an NGO to organise a service program for our office. We decided for a Clothes donation program for the Bihar – Orissa floods. After I had spoken to the administrator at the NGO, she said the kind of clothes that she gets in the form of donations are in such forms that no one can even reuse them. People often give something that they don’t want, or they are fed up of wearing or using , or in unusable condition. She has to sort all the clothes received from various organizations and societies to find out if there are any torn clothes or unusable material. That’s the toughest part of any relief operations, says the administrator of an NGO which runs a cloth bank.

Living is in giving, art of life is to give. So that you share more and receive care and love more. Celebrate giving. No wonder there is a thanksgiving celebration in western countries. We have lots to learn and observe from the nature. The nature gives us rains, but doesn’t charge us. Trees give us fruits and coolness but doesn’t charge us. So give unconditionally and I am sure you will receive unconditionally and in abundance. Be Blessed

- Celebrating Giving
- Janaki Gopikrishna

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