Sunday, October 12, 2008

Morning in Solitude

Along the lake side, I sat in solitude
Offering to the master, feelings of gratitude

My Mind is like a toy
Fully filled with joy

No envy, No jealousy, no greed
No religion, No caste, No Creed

Living in the present moment,
With absolutely no comments.

Sitting in a posture just like lotus
Meditating on the life of a foetus

Life is so beautiful
If the mind becomes so full

Life is peace, joy , enthusiasm
Mind is piece, toy, illusion

Mind and body needs a fusion
To operate without confusion

Here comes the breath saying,
''I am here, I am now
I am the secret of secrets''

This weekend I was part of a United Nations pledge for taking action on planting more trees to stop global warming. Parallely, we are also having a tree plantation drive in office and creating awareness among people about the benefit of planting trees. Industrialisation and fast paced development are creating more concrete jungles and are harming nature alarmingly. So lets all be friendly with nature and take steps to preserve it for the next generation.

Trees - Lets go Green
Dancing with the breeze,
Jungles have them free
In cities they never cease.

Grow them more says media
Know more about trees in wikipedia
Trees can refresh your mind with juicy ideas
So just forget the magazines & the media

Giving coolness, Giving rains
Giving flowers, Giving fruits
Giving Oxygen, Giving Life
All in just a small seed
Learn from the trees
The art of unconditional giving
Life will then be a art of loving

Peace, Love, Harmony you feel
Just when you hug a tree
So feel free, to plant a tree
They are pure love & Always free.
Just Go green, Just go Green

- Celebrate Love
- Celebrate Trees


  1. What a poem. Awesome. There is a good poet in you!! Great!

  2. nice cut there...the first half made me feel so peaceful and at so much silence...words are indeed silent but loud...everyone must find their ways to inner peace...i think you are on the way to finding yours...keep going at it and never give up...