Friday, October 17, 2008

Latent is Talent – It’s about T and L

Latent is Talent – It’s about T and L

We have learned about soil erosion in geography, but have you heard of talent erosion. It happens to all of us. We all have some latent talent in us, which needs to be identified. God has given some beautiful talents which we all are born with. Some can play a musical instrument very well, some can write very well, sing well, dance well, perform mimicry , cook food, painting etc. But few of these talents are given the necessary support to grow and prosper. More often because of the cultural conditionings, some of us don’t even realize what talent we have? In my case I never realized that I could write well and make teasers etc in a past few months. Our talents are also just like buds, waiting to blossom. Little bit of appreciation and praise can open them up completely. It can improvise from good to excellence.

Make your vocation a vacation is what my spiritual consultant told me once. Most of us choose professions where we can earn more money, fast money. We just hang our interests for easy money and faster success . But eventually not many us enjoy what we are doing for the single reason that it doesn’t give us meaning to our day to day lives. So its better to go slow and seek professions that we are interested in rather than getting influenced by peer pressure, parental pressure etc. If you like doing something, you will surely excel in that area no matter what. Either early or a bit late, but surely success will come!! Surely, Life is a vacation.

In our day to day life we are caught up with deadlines, pressures of routine, unfinished tasks etc which take away lot of time and stress us. But its only we who can take the responsibility of taking some time off to pursue our passions. Work – Life balance is very essential in every individuals life and it is his/her priority to a great extent. Time Management is also very crucial, especially proper use of unproductive time while travelling, waiting, watching soap operas etc.

I have seen some parents pushing their children into some art forms or the other just to commercialize it later. In most cases, the child who doesn’t like to sing is put into a vocal music class when he/she is fond of dance. Of course, the commitment of going to the class is then a pressure and then the child neither excels in his academics nor art. So parental support is very vital to encourage talent. More weightage to the rare display of talents.

During festivals or before any guest visit us, most of us clean up our homes, give away all the unused items etc. Similarly there is also a traffic congestion of thoughts in our mind. There needs to be a period of self renewal where we watch our own mind, habits, actions etc. We are to erase some impressions of our mind and improper programming of our mind, unnecessary conditionings (family/religious) etc every year atleast twice. Therefore people go for spiritual retreats, vacations etc. These are periods of self renewal and when the mind is fresh all these hidden talents just come up.

So this Diwali, go for a nice retreat and use the time for self renewal for the best of talents to blossom in you. I am off to Gods Own Country for self renewal.

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