Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nature and the colors of life

Nature and its deep connection with the Colors

The sky is blue and the reflection of the sky falls on the water and it looks blue. Water itself has no color. But God wants us to be calm, composed and tranquil so he makes the water look blue with the reflection of the sky. The color blue is associated with calmness and coolness for the body. There are 64 ways listed in the scriptures to enlightenment. One of them is just to look a the sky and its vastness and its infinite nature.

Similar way plants and trees are green in color. Green is associated with the warmth, harmony and happiness of the earth. No wonder the vegetables that we eat are for our wellbeing. Recently I read an article on diet, it said that you atleast need to eat something in 5 different colors be it fruits, vegetables etc. Thats the reason you have a green apple, red apple. In vegetables you have a green capsicum, yellow capsicum , red capsicum so on and so forth. All these colors also alter the mood patterns, behavior, wellbeing etc on an individual. One of my friends use to have transparent colourful waterbottles. Every morning he used to fill it with water and keep in the sun and have little bit from all the bottles. No wonder at times God has created rainbows. It is to convey us the meaning of colors in our life. Anyone who sees the rainbow is always in a state of wonder or becomes so happy. A few people also are given light therapy in alternative healing to get rid of their problems - mental, emotional, spiritual.

Here are few details of the color symbolism. You will see some of these colors associated when some gives you card or in advertisements, conveying logos, in festival attire etc

Red: Happiness, marriage, prosperity

Pink Marriage

Yellow: Against evil, for the dead, geomantic blessings

Green: Eternity, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity

Blue: Self-cultivation, wealth

Purple: Wealth

White: Children, helpful people, marriage,mourning, peace, purity, travel

Gold: Strength, wealth

Gray: Helpful people, travel

Black: Career, evil influences, knowledge, mourning, penance, self-cultivation

When you go to the beach, it is so much fun watching the waves getting formed and again getting disappeared in the ocean. Our problems, difficulties are just miniscule compared to how nature operates.

Did you know that the sun and the moon never get rest? When the sun sets here, it has already risen in Japan. When its morning here the moon is busy in USA. They have no holidays or vacations. No matter what? I guess we are too lucky. God has made us so lucky that we are neither to be the sun or moon. We just need to enjoy them looking at the vast blue sky once in a while. And God will surely be happy that someone is enjoying His creation.

Celebrate Nature
Celebrate Colors - I am celebrating the green color these days planting more trees, talking to the trees, wearing green.
Janaki Gopikrishna

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