Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Trafficking

Everybody has been listening, reading, seeing, editing and uploading their blogs. Some have already started their vlogs (Video logging) But what the average blogger or avid blogger wants is traffic!  We don’t prefer traffic jams in roads on the way to work or home, but we wish traffic for our blogs. Why do we wish traffic for our blogs? So that we get the motivation to post better blogs, to earn money by placing more adverts on the blog or basically just creating awareness and educating people about several environmental issues, citizen awareness issues, social trends etc.  Some don’t bother but a good traffic to ones blog also motivates you to blog more and better. Blog trafficking, Here are some tips which I feel are relevant

Originality in content – Since the world wide web is like the entire universe, you have many web pages which give you the copy paste option to your blog. However, it doesn’t work if you copy paste for too long. What is needed is originality in content on the topic that you wish to write. The experience shared by a blogger has more power in improving readership and attracts more followers to your blog. So keep aside the copycat marketing for a while and explore your own creativity. You too will be surprised to know that how creative you can get at times.

Maintain One Blog – I have read quite a few blogs and viewed blogger profiles and I realized there are more than one blog which a blogger has to maintain. There were 8 -9 blogs one had to manage. Don’t you think too many blogs also creates clutter and managing them becomes a very cumbersome exercise. It helps in posting one or two blogs regularly. In order to generate traffic many bloggers follow unnecessary blogs which doesn’t generate loyal traffic to the blog. Even this is not recommend. Follow only those blogs which are relevant to you and you wish to follow. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Pictures – Pictures speak a thousand words. The intelligent use of pictures along with the posting content can keep the reader interested. Engaging your reader is very important and therefore ensure you write from your own experiences on food, travel, living, lifestyle, books etc. Something which is not authentic is never read. Just think about yourself and what articles you read in the newspaper this morning. You would be uninterested with some content as soon as you begin to read.

Be generous – Read other relevant blogs of interest to you and comment on them. If you are a selfish blogger you also invite selfish readers L. Do not hoard if you wish to comment on the posting, give feedback, give tips to improve the blog or praise the blog. Spread your knowledge so that it grows more and more. As you sow so shall you reap.  For god sake do not blog just because your neighbor next door is blogging or a favorite celebrity is blogging. I am now studying blog behaviour (blogging, reading blogs, posting blogs etc) 


Everyone talks about search engine optimization , key word density, tagging, archiving to generate more traffic to the blog, however I would tell all bloggers to optimize their content. Write what the world wants you to write, think what the world is thinking at the moment, I am sure someone else in the world is also thinking what you are thinking. Someone else is also planning to cook what you are cooking. After all  we live in One World, One family – Vasudeva Kutumbakam

Blog your heart!! Blog smart!! – Janaki Gopikrishna 

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