Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebrate Recession

Recession is just like the recess we had in school to eat our tiffins. In school we had this break after the first 5 classes, which was called as a recess. So as in my earlier posts, there are good ways to help yourself getting depressed from this recession. The first and the foremost is to change your thinking. Think that God is granting your last holiday and you are going to enjoy this break as if you were never going to be born in this planet again. This thought is much better than thinking about yourself all day and get depressed.

So celebrate your recession, initially its easier said than done, but celebrate this recession. You are a rich person because you have all the time in this world.

Wake up early and go for a walk. If you have not been able to stick to your exercise regimen or fitness resolutions get it back on track. Yoga, pranayama and meditation will also help in the early morning.

Ensure that you plan a healthy breakfast for the entire family a day in advance and go to the supermarket and shop for all the vegetables and groceries. This can take quite a lot of time and planning the entire week.  Post breakfast and after sending children to school, you can be with your plants for some time. For a change interact with the plants (they tend to listen more carefully and respond better in the form of better flowers & fruits). I am not joking because this is my personal experience when I give reiki to plants. If you are a nature enthusiast you could also consider talking to a tree in the garden, people walking around will also have fun.

Give up the idiot box, newspapers, self development books also . The television is not going to help you. It is only going to give a rise to your feverishness as you come to know that more people have been laid off. The media is not going to stop this because they know that they need to earn money. Instead play any musical instrument of your choice and learn to play more songs. If you are singer or wish to learn music probably you could consider that also. How about learning a new language from your neighbor. Plan your next day’s recipes as if you were to present it in your board meeting (wife and children). Instead of the idiot box get hooked to your Ipod or may be if you have a satellite radio channel which plays the songs of your choice (preferably choose the health, wellness, lifestyle channel) . They have lots of good music which is pleasant for your soul.

Post lunch should be the activity time, You have no choice but to draw, sketch and paint till tea time. You have to discover the artist in your. Who knows you might want to change your profession and want to open up a new art gallery. This recession could also be a turning point in your life in terms of discovering your true vocation. Most of us don’t choose our professions correctly and end up slogging for livelihood. This is the right time to pursue what we love to do.

Engage yourself in social service. There are so many NGOs and organizations working today for specific causes relating to global warming, social issues etc. If you have expertise in dealing with administration, counseling services or any skill that you can help them with, this is the best time to give back to society in terms of your time and skills. Play with your children and read good bed time stories  for your children(imparts moral values), help your wife with household chores and talk with your parents. They are angels who love unconditionally throughout our lives.  They need us and let’s spend the best time with them instead of cribbing and brooding over the recession. There are some things which we can’t control, they just happen like calamities. But there is ray of hope, that things will become normal. Bad times never exist always and they have to come for us to treasure the good times.

Love & Grace

Make Life a Celebration for Life is short!



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