Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cherata Puttu - Kerala Delight

The first time I saw this gadget in sasural (husband's home) , I felt as if a rocket is ready to take off from the space station. But now this rocket often takes off from my kitchen space especially for weekend breakfasts. This is the 'Chombu' and 'Koyal' to make 'Koyal Puttu' (in english you just pronounce it as 'put'). Puttu is made in many different ways in Kerala. One such gadget I came across in Wayanad in which puttu can be made was 'cherata'. We were at a handicraft store where we saw this 'cherata' (basically the form taken by coconut after it is grated and scrapped). This salvaged  cherata  is cleaned and softened by the local adivasis to give it a good look and feel. They convert the top portion as a lid by fixing a cork and three holes are pierced in the top to let the steam. In China, they use these coconut cups to serve tea. Making cherata puttu also saves a lot of fuel as it can be placed on top of a pressure cooker as you cook your other dishes. Instead of placing the cooker weights you can place this cherata filled with the contents. You also save enough time in the morning when you are rushing to work.

Puttu is very simple to make in current times when there are so many brands of Puttu powder available in the market. (Double Hourse is the brand, I use) Some people make the rice powder at home. However for a good work life balance I use the readymade puttu podi (powder). There is Rice Puttu, Ragi Puttu, Wheat Puttu, Corn Puttu powder also available. The procedure is the same, you may choose what variety you want !

Gnana Yoga - Ingredients 
2 cups Puttu Podi (Rice powder)
1 cup grated coconut
Pinch of salt to taste 

Karma Yoga - Method 
Mix the puttu podi and salt with right amount of water (not too soggy, not too stingy). Then boil some water in the 'Chombu' as you fill the puttu content in the koyal or cherata. Be generous with the grated coconut in the end of the koyal and in between the pieces (koyal can generally fill 3 small pieces or 2 big pieces of puttu). In Cherata also you can do some innovations while filling the content so that you can have the puttu in layers. Once it is cooked in the steam, it is ready to be served!! Push the 'puttu' by inverting the koyal, cherata.

Bhakti Yoga - 'Puttu' is generally taken with Papadam, Pazham (banana), kadala curry or stew. Some of them even have it with milk or sugar. The taste and preparations vary from home to home. So invent your puttu and share your experience!!

Love & EnJoy 


  1. You have a beautiful blog...Nice write up...enjoyed reading it.

  2. Thanks Deepa. do let me know if you make this dish

  3. seem to have blogged all my favorites!..puttu is my all time fav one!