Friday, February 20, 2009

Raggi - The Health Drink

Bored of the tea, coffee, chukku kapi, bournvita, horlicks , complan and a whole lot of health drinks in the past few months,  last week I had been to the Bangalore ashram (Art of Living International centre)  and they have their Sri Sri Ayurveda store in their campus.  As a health & wellness freak I couldnt stop myself from entering the store. The products in Sri Sri Ayurveda are prepared by  Divya Aushadhi process (Divine process) so that the person who consumes also experiences divinity and gets rid of all his health problems. The factory staff are regular in their kriya, sadhana, sattvic food habits etc which eventually reflects in their products they manufacture. 

I got the natural ragi powder (called as finger millet in english) which was available in flavours - elaichi, vanilla, chocolate etc . Probably catering to the taste of children (or else they wouldnt want to consume ragi with so many fancily packed health drinks available in the market).  Now ragi forms a part of my  breakfast every morning because its very nutritious and good for health. You also  need not bother about the caffeine content, acidity etc. 

Ingredients - Gnana Yoga 
1 spoon Ragi
2 pieces of  Vellam (Jaggery) 
(You can use sugar also, however if you want to maintain sattva preferable to use  'achu vellam'. Also the ragi tastes much better with jaggery more than sugar)

Method - Karma Yoga 
The preparation is quite simple. Keep some hot water to boil. Make a paste of ragi in a small dish. Once the hot water boils, you may put the jaggery in it. Once it melts you can add the ragi paste. Stir the drink and serve hot. 

Bhakti Yoga - Meditation is the comfort in life - Sri Sri 
So have the ragi health drink in a meditative mode :>) 

With the globe moving towards health & wellness I hope we have a Raggi Vending Machine in every office, every busy street, malls, schools and colleges etc. In Karnataka they prepare raggi mudde for breakfast, raggi dosa, raggi upma, ragi roti etc for tiffin (evening snack). Will explore more and let you know about this wonder food in the next series - Ragi Express!!

Love & Gratitude 


  1. I am going to buy this health drink today and ensure that my children have it after their tuitions in the evening.

  2. These health drinks have been the essence of Ayurveda the ancient healing methodology of Indians. Such health drinks have a positive and a long lasting effect on the human body.