Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Make Democracy Work For You - Empowering Change Vote By Vote
Who Votes? The slumdog of India votes, the people who dont get proper drinking water facilities vote, farmers vote, the rural India votes and thats the reason for such poor leadership in the country. Many of these leaders who come to power based on votebank politics, petty media games, promising the poor people for basic things before the elections happen, dramatic election rallies with entertaining media coverages. All the promises for infrastructure, better reforms, better living conditions etc are forgotten soon after the elections. That is where the educated Urban Indian needs to make a difference. The difference would be phenomenal if every metro city population goes to vote in India. We will have better leaders for the future atleast. Also the Indian population (50% Youth (Upto the age of 30 and 50% Elderly population ) will work to India's advantage. 

All this is possible and small steps will make major difference. Every Drop in the ocean counts and that is where comes in to picture. We all should support this campaign aimed at educating citizens about voter registrations. Please go through the details and encourage every Indian citizen to Vote. Each vote makes a difference to India and YOU. 

Be Prooud of being Indian and Cast your Vote and Empower others also to vote. 

Dear All,

Jaago Re! One Billion Votes campaign has made voter registration really simple. Visit to receive the following benefits:

  • For the first time in India, you can fill your voter registration form online, within 5 mins!
  • Use interactive maps to locate your house, get to know of your constituency and your ERO (Electoral Registration Officer) to whom you need to submit your registration form
  • Get updates on your voter registration status, and latest election news from your city
  • Get answers to all your voting related questions
  • Get SMS reminders before election day, along with polling booth address

Even if you are an existing voter, register at to be updated with the latest on Election dates and Voting information!

Empowering change – Vote by Vote!

Register to vote at


Janaki Gopikrishna 

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