Thursday, February 12, 2009

The South Indies

I have heard of the West Indies when the cricket matches used to be on at home. My brothers watched these matches without giving access to the remote and carried it all along with them at home just like the mobile phone.

But this anniversary, I had a unique experience at South Indies for dinner . Guess what South Indies is all about? It’s a restaurant which serves authentic south Indian cuisine from Karnataka, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the perfect ambience and carnatic classical music in the background (frequently changed to fusion) . The food tastes so perfect, authentic and rich. There were those filter coffee vessels which were kept beside every table to remind you of the decoction “kapi”(coffee) .  We had opted for a four course meal for dinner ;.) because it was unlimited though we knew we could have very little at the end of the day.


As we entered, we were served the tomato saar(from Kerala, basically our very own tomato soup)  with some cooked beans. Then went on with the starters from four different states of India – Chena porichathu (yam marinated with red chillies paste, grated coconut and curry leaves, deep fried), Batata malligay (potato wedges marinated in coriander and spice, deep fried), cauliflower bezule (also one of the favourite dishes in Bangalore – version of gobi manchurian) , mokka junna miriyalu fry (wondering what this is – baby corn marinated with crushed pepper, tamarind and besan flower, deep fried) and our very own kuzhi paniyaram (shallow fried rice and urad dal dumplings) . This was itself quite heavy but hubby dearest had a super starter as I waited for the main course to begin. I just didn’t want my appetite to die fast because I wanted to try every dish on the menu ;.). The main course began by serving the mavinakkai menaskai (raw mango in a sweet and sour gravy) from Karnataka, karuvepilai pondu kuzhambu (a tangy and spicy gravy flavored with roasted garlic and currey leaves), mirapakaya pattani curry (yellow chillies and green peas cooked in a cashew and coconut based gravy) and finally our very own alleppey vegetable curry also called as vegetable stew at home ( mixed vegetables cooked in a coconut milk based gravy with ginger raw mango and green chillies. These curries being served in side plate and the neer dosa  (handkerchief thin rice dosa)came first, had two servings 9was quiet light) and then came the appams (like dosa but not dosa – preparation varies). The appams and the vegetable stew were divine and the most happening. The coconut milk gravy was thick and the cooked vegetables just mesmerized our appetite wanting for more. After this feat, we were not spared by the hospitable restaurant staff, they got pudina rice and curd rice (staple food in most south Indian homes at anytime, any hour of the day). After all this, we just couldn’t get up from the table hahaha, so the finger bowl came to the table. The staff had got us the menu card if we wanted anything specific. It was not all over here , the desserts had to follow. We had a small serving of kasi halwa (stewed white pumpkin with saffron sugar) and ada pradhaman (rice flakes and jaggery cooked with coconut milk, flavored with cardamom). After this we were told about the new home delivery service which South Indies had started. Hubby and I looked at eachother with twinkling eyes and also about their new outlet opening up close to home.


Most of these dishes I also make at home, but the authentic taste of every item was good enough to be stored in my memory for the next visit. Looking forward to it. Do comment if anyone wants to join me for a treat.


Annam Brahma – In Indian traditions food is honored and respected for every occasion. Of course we must also keep in mind that we must eat to live and not live to eat.


Our scriptures say that the entire universe is present in one rice grain and food is always honored. In India the wastage of food is less compared to other countries because of our culture and religious traditions.  


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  1. South mouthwatering!! I will surely want to join you for a treat next time ;)