Friday, February 13, 2009

Meditation Booms, Recession Looms

A group of employees from a well known IT company with pink colored slips in their hand came running to Lord Vishnu. They were all crying and concerned about their job loss and worried about running their families in the months to come. Lord Vishnu, cool and relaxed as always asked them all not to worry and dive deep into their Self. As the employees asked how, the Lord replied “ Meditate more, Mall Less J Save More, Spend Less J Remember me more, Think of me at least one minute everyday with devotion!!Goddess Laxmi didn’t wish to comment as she was adoring Lord Vishnu and his styleJ. Brahma was busy recreating the whole world and was in trance. Lord Shiva was not present, he was busy performing his duties of a destroyer (destroyer of evil) on earth. It was time to protect earth from all adversities. Mans desire to acquire more wealth had depleted enough natural resources in the planet causing enough turmoil in the form of environmental problems – climate changes, global warming, green house gas emissions, extinction of species affecting bio diversity. So the Gods decided to have a board meeting where they decided and planned this recession. They ensured that they will teach the world a lesson this time – a lesson which they will never forget for many lifetimes. See there would not be even a single human being on this planet who has not learnt anything from the current scene which is expected to last for a few more months - years.

Uncertainty!! Job Cuts!! Recession!! Melt Down! Bailout all these are just the most read and spoken words for the last couple of months  in the news papers, social functions and friend circles. We started of the New Year of 2009 with the Satyam fiasco. Also read somewhere that the marriage market also has seen a slowdown because or prospective marriage guys/gals losing jobs. No new projects! Travel Ban for senior officials !! No sky rocketing salaries! Forget about the increments and bonuses this year. The happenings are very uncertain. But there is still a ray of hope. Now is the right time to pursue passion and what genuinely interests you. In our routine life we do not find enough time to pursue what we want to do, it may be our hobbies like writing poetry, reading story books, writing stories, blogging, listening and composing music, experimenting with cooking etc. So do not wait to pursue all this, just begin rather than just feeling too low about what is happening around. All these happenings are very cyclic in nature and we as individuals have no power to control them directly. Sensex shoots up high, so it has to have a correction. Job market which was good also needs to go through its cyclic fluctuation. Lets accept it as a blessing from God for self renewal and a chance for the entire world to heal,  revive the global economy.

As I go through many blogs, chat rooms, Q & A everywhere the question is posed as to how to manage career gap, how to manage recessions, how to cut costs etc. Many of them have become restless and feverish reading the same news items, watching the same news, gossiping the same topic over and over again. But the only best way to deal with these times are to meditate more and relax one’s self, listen to the mind and body which otherwise has to go through the daily routine of hurry, worry and curry. Most of us take it for granted our daily blessings of getting to eat food, having a well paid job, buying branded clothes, dining in glamorous restaurants, frequently visiting pubs etc. We pay Rs.1500/- for a Reebok shoe, 2000/-  for apparel and fashion accessories, then why can’t we pay for self development programs which are aimed at self renewal, helps with stress management.  I often hear people commenting about the heavy charges levied for these meditation programs . I don’t deny that some of these programs are heavily priced but as a consumer you have the right to choose the best product here also. This recession  is also a learning for the many IT  head honchos and BPO professionals to take money seriously. What they earn can also be lost very easily if they don’t plan their finances properly or spend too much without saving a penny. So one may also  infer that its gods divine plan to make many individuals understand the value of money and never take it for granted just because you have it. Spend it,  respect it and use it wisely. In my earlier blog I have also written about the art of giving.


Spirituality is the only savior to help cope up with this recession and India can help the world cope up with this situation. Mass meditations, Mass Prayers, peace concerts, harmony fests, service projects  will help the world change its course. India’s answer to the global recession


  1. Yep !!!So true..this is nature's way to teach the world and the mankind a lesson to all who have forgotten to value money! nature ! relationships! culture ! Things have changed so much..and it's so..terrible..that we all are now forced to learn it a hard way !! Hope atleast now world would realise the reason for destruction !!

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  3. Loved this post !! You have beutifully linked Recession and spirituality. Yes, this recession is an eye-opener...a time to retrospect and stop taking things for granted . Very nicely written.