Friday, February 20, 2009

One World, One Space

This is my new World space receiver, got it gifted my loving sister. It has got more than 40 channels which one can tune into. Its day 1 and day 2 so a lot more to explore. I started my day with the radio art of living this morning . It has soul stirring flue recitals in the morning, followed by some divine bhajans which can take you to a different plane of existence all together. It also has talks on various subjects by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in repeated intervals throughout the day. Some of them so adapted to your current situation and circumstance in life. The talks offer practical solutions to complex problems – some of them so simple.   There are some guided meditation cassettes  and Ayurveda medicines that I have got recently from their ashram in Bangalore. Apart from that I also loved the logo of this beautiful swan which is spreading its waves throughout the world through the satellite radio medium.

 Shruti is one more channel which I found quite interesting. During the days I learned music my teacher used to emphasize on listening more carnatic classical music to be able to understand shruti, bhava, ragas etc. However due to academic pressure, it was not possible to do all this then and also there were more cassettes unlike MP3, CDs and Ipod today. The channel has carnatic music played all throughout the day with so many artists of the past and present giving you a blend of both classical, current and fusion music (instrumental) . For anyone who loves carnatic music Shruti is simply the best.  The shruti logo is the Meera with the tanpura in her hand (reminded me of the meera bhajans sung in devotion for Lord Krishna)

 As I listen to the other channels, will keep you all posted about what a small receiver can do and also offer so much food for thought, food for soul. Love you World Space!! God is one, God is one, God is one for everyone!!! 

 Love is not an emotion, love is your very existence – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 


  1. Fantastic, Do share your experience with us!! Well written

  2. thanks for visiting my blog. you have a very interesting blog.. keep it up!

  3. Thanks Mahima, Its readers like you who give the motivation to post better and post genuine content.

  4. Nice ! I have been planning to subscribe to Radio AOL for some time now. Should implement it soon .

    JGD !