Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mobile Wellness Gadget

Wondering what are the items that you are seeing in this picture. They are my mobile wellness gadgets which I carry whenever I am travelling. There are 2or 3 items which I also carry to work so that on the way I can make use of them and see their impact on my health. In my previous posts I have mentioned about your health is in your hands. In olden days people had manual tasks be it cooking, cleaning etc. There were lot of things which were not mechanized like it is today. Today we have gone one step further from mechanization to the shrinking size of technology as each day passes. The world is also in our hands. (ipod, iphone, palmtops) . But don’t forget that your wellness also is your responsibility and unless you take steps to improve it no god can help you.


The pen type gadget you see in this picture can be used to massage points in your palms. As you do this you will realize if you have any pain in a particular part (go by the sensation) . This means that part of your body needs attention, there is some kind of imbalance. Every day early in the morning you can massage all your pressure points for atleast 1 minute each. It just takes 10 minutes overall. If you are extremely busy, you can carry some of these acupressure gadgets so that you can use while you are travelling. You can also see there are 2 wooden acupressure balls. Need to keep it in your hands and press it for about 5 minutes in the morning and in the night. The one which bears the shape of a tongue cleaner is actually used to massage your fingers. Because it is in the fingers that the secret for your sense organs like ears, nose etc are present. There is one wooden prick roller which I use for massaging the feet after a hard day’s work. These gadgets are available in any local wellness store in India and now even in the West. These are prepared from any wasted wooden pieces after in the process of making furniture.


The man is making the attukal(stone grinder) by carving. In certain parts of South India this gadget is used in making dosa batter. Grinding in this gives the food its original taste and ofcourse the required minerals. 

In olden days women in India used to beat the curds with a wooden stick, traditionally called   “ mattu” to convert them into butter milk. Probably this served as an acupressure for the palms. Grinding the dosa batter in the stone carved (Attu kal)  would be good exercise for the shoulders and the entire neck region. If you have experienced grinding the dosa batter in the attukal you would have realized your breath also changes with the pace of your grinding. May be this was their sudarshan kriya (breathing technique taught in Art of Living programs worldwide). Even the clothese washing was different. There used to be a stone placed outside every home or in the backyard where people would wash clothes by hitting it hard on the stone. Also drawing water from the well each time they needed water. So all this in some way or the other has had an impact on their health and longevity.

I have also attached the picture of various organs in our body and their position in our hands and legs (foot chart is not attached). This will give a better idea of how to use these acupressure gadgets to your advantage. Ensure that you do not overdo any of these or else all your organs can start overworking. Just use these items for 10 – 15 minutes in the morning and at night. For more detailed explanations on every point and treatments you can refer to Health in your Hands – Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Devendra Vohra. Hope you are benefited by this chart .



  1. May be I too should start accupressure instead of getting pressure. hahahahah

  2. i am a great believer of acupressure and dr. devendra vohra and from past 15 years i am following his treatments through his books but i dont know where to get these gadgets