Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Final Touch - Master's Poem

The Final Touch


When you look at something
With deep love and gratitude
You are in a state
of Surrender


In this state
Of non-possessive love
You are touching something deeply


You are not just seeing
Your sight is touching
And feeling


The awareness
Is so powerful


Many times one feels
That one's heart
Is touching something
Have you had this experience ?


It is something wonderful
Something divine


Deep inside somewhere
You feel a fine vibration
That touches -
That is divine grace.


That is wonderful
That is the fulfillment of life


Everyone is longing
To touch from their hearts


When you love someone
You embrace them


The hearts come closer
But still they remain apart ...


But you can hug someone
Without using your arms
You can hug them
With your heart


Your heart
Can embrace
Everyone in the room
And at the same time
There is no space limitation
There is no time


Your heart
Can hug everybody
At all times


You may be sleeping
But your heart can be hugging Everyone


Your heart can reach far and wide


You can be here
And you can be hugging someone
Nova Scotia


That is enlightenment
That is your true nature
That is the fulfillment
Of human life


And this body has come
For one Not to look around


But it has been given
So that


One can experience
What one is ..........


- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


  1. Beautiful.....Nice to know another blogger from Bangalore.

  2. that is a nice poem.

    About your query on the paruppu thuvayal... pressure cooking it will give you the texture of cooked dal. That is not what you want in a thuvayal. No need to cook.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi..Thats a wonderful poem..I'm very glad that i visited here :)

  4. very well written!! good job!! keep up the good work!

  5. Hugging with imagination is a new concept 4 me. Is it really works out???